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  1. RSchwarz

    Is this site safe or lagit to download the 2 ebooks on it?

    It is a Google hosted site. I downloaded the ebook and they were clean.
  2. RSchwarz

    foto bewerken

    gebruik fotobewerkingssoftware zoals Photoshop of iets dergelijks. ik hoop dat dit helpt.
  3. RSchwarz

    where to get a product for server 2012 r2

    Have you tried to contact the person that sold you the key? That's about the only thing you can do. Since Windows 2012 is EOL as you found out Microsoft won't support it. Your only option is to get help from the person that you bought the key from or to buy a new version of Windows Server.
  4. RSchwarz

    Windows 11 Please i need help

    That's all the options there are for sound in Windows 11. At least I haven't found any of the other options like in Windows 10.
  5. RSchwarz

    Dual ISP through split network?

    Best way to accomplish what you want it to buy a second router and create a new network. I have one router setup using 192.168.. address space and have second router setup using 10.0... This give me two distinct networks. Each has its own 2.4 and 5.0 wifi network. I split my devices like you...
  6. RSchwarz

    Everything is stuck....

    Head over to Free PC Help - Malware Infection Removal and post. It sounds like you might have some sort of malware. The experts there can help you out.
  7. RSchwarz

    Welcome to Computer Help Forum

    Welcome to Computer Help Forum. Computer Help Forum is a consolidation of some of my tech sites. I had too many sites and managing them all was getting to be a strain. I already work pretty much around the clock keeping things running. I decided I would combine some of the sites into one big...
  8. RSchwarz

    Use Process Monitor To Set Up Permissions Properly

    FULL CONTROL, the worst permission ever! Have you ever tried to set up permission for a folder? It's an easy task, user can or can't do something. But when you have to set up permissions for a "non standard program"? Where I work we have 3 programs that are developed by an external society and...
  9. RSchwarz

    See how Windows Server 2008 demonstrates the principle applied to software

    In this InformIT article, Scott Fulton continues his technical survey of the ten most important changes to Windows Server 2008 by discussing a group of three services that demonstrate the evolutionary principle applied to software: clean service shutdown, Kernel Transaction Manager, and Server...
  10. RSchwarz

    Network Shell (Netsh)

    Applies To: Windows Server 2008 Network shell (netsh) is a command-line utility that allows you to configure and display the status of various network communications server roles and components after they are installed on computers running Windows® 7, Windows Server® 2008 R2, Windows Vista®, or...
  11. RSchwarz

    Howto: Install ImageMagick for PHP 7.2.x

    Quick and easy install: One note. I use 64bit versions so the install steps are for the 64bit version of PHP using non-thread safe (NTS) version of PHP. Download ImageMagick zip. Don't use the installer. Download the PCL extension for 7.2 from the Windows PHP site Download PHP ImageMagick...
  12. RSchwarz

    Core Configurator

    Basic GUI configuration utility for Windows Server Core 2008 If have Windows Server 2008 core only installed this is a nice utility to configure many of the options. As you know the only way to configure the Windows2008 core is by command line. This tool makes some of the tasks easier...
  13. RSchwarz

    Is there a way to be able to visualize to which subscription belongs a license or an Office 365 user?

    Only way to see license details is if you own the account the license is under. I can see all user accounts from the dashboard of my licenses.
  14. RSchwarz

    problem with server

    Have you checked the firewall settings to make sure the port 80 is open to public? That could be the problem. If it is and you still can't access it then turn the firewall off and test it again. If you can access it then the firewall configuration needs to be changed.
  15. RSchwarz

    problem with server

    The only thing I can think of is that you inadvertently shutoff remote access. Have you checked that it is on and that your user has access?
  16. RSchwarz

    hardware question

    I have used SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer to control fan speed.
  17. RSchwarz

    hardware question

    That's normal. Memory will run a little warmer. It's nothing to worry about.
  18. RSchwarz

    making a rack to hold server

    It can be mounted any way you like. I have some upright and some vertical. Just make sure there is adequate air movement .
  19. RSchwarz

    setting up a home server

    All you need is web server roll to start. That gets you set up to serve websites. Also, when installing the web server roll, make sure to enable all the features.
  20. RSchwarz

    setting up a home server

    You need to make sure you installed the web server rolls. You can do that using server manager. You would be better off with Windows Server 2019 or at the very least 2012. @008 is dated and support for it is expired.