Mister Midori – Lite[Free][Game]

Nidhi Roy

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Oct 30, 2013
Mister Midori – Lite[Free][Game]

This is the commercial version of Mister Midori.

If you do not like to be interrupted by advertising please consider buying the full version.

There will be NO advertising at all. NO registration. NO data wil be collected or sent. NO in-app purchases. NO permissions are needed on your device.

Mister Midori is based on the idea of SOKOBAN.

You push marbles around until they reach their correct place in a labyrinth-style level.

There will be lava, wormholes, transporters, evil animals and other features to make you think and hurry.

99 Levels and a great 80s-chiptune-style soundtrack are waiting for you.

Link to iTunes: ‎Mister Midori - Lite