Core Configurator


CHF Owner
Oct 31, 2009
Florida U.S.A.
Basic GUI configuration utility for Windows Server Core 2008

If have Windows Server 2008 core only installed this is a nice utility to configure many of the options. As you know the only way to configure the Windows2008 core is by command line. This tool makes some of the tasks easier.


  • Product Activation
  • Configuration of display resolution
  • Clock and time zone configuration
  • Remote Desktop configuration
  • Management of local user accounts (creation, deletion, group membership, passwords)
  • Firewall configuration
  • WinRM configuration
  • IP configuration
  • Computer name and domain/workgroup membership
  • Installation of Server Core features/roles
  • DCPROMO wizard (3 scenarios supported)
  • Windows Server Backup performance configuration
  • Automatic Updates configuration
Windows 2008 Server Core Configurator - Release: Core Configurator 1.1