Howto: Install ImageMagick for PHP 7.2.x


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Oct 31, 2009
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Quick and easy install:

One note. I use 64bit versions so the install steps are for the 64bit version of PHP using non-thread safe (NTS) version of PHP.
  1. Download ImageMagick zip. Don't use the installer.
  2. Download the PCL extension for 7.2 from the Windows PHP site
  3. Download PHP ImageMagick dependencies for PHP 7.2.
  4. Unzip ImageMagick to C:\ImageMagick.
  5. Unzip the PHP dependencies and upload all the .dll files in the bin folder to the ImageMagick folder overwriting any files with the same name.
  6. Unzip the PHP extension and copy it to the PHP ext folder.
  7. Go to start My Computer, right click and select properties.
  8. Go to advanced system settings from left menu.
  9. Click Environment Variables.
  10. At the bottom select New.
  11. For variable name input MAGICK_HOME
  12. For variable value input C:\ImageMagick\. If you put it in a different folder adjust the path and make sure to add the trailing /.
  13. Click OK.
  14. In the same area double the click the path variable.
  15. Add ;C:\ImageMagick\ to the end of the path. Make you sure you add the ; before the path.
Open up php.ini and add this to the bottom of it:
MAGICK_HOME C:\ImageMagick\
Lastly reboot the server to load the new DLL's to memory.

You should now see ImageMagick enabled in PHP info.

If you want to install for PHP 7.1 then download the 7.1 deps and PHP extension.
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